Clemens Habicht

Jacky Winter Signature Edition Puzzle - Marc Martin


Part of the Jacky Winter Signature Edition Puzzles featuring an artwork from the incredible Marc Martin.

Packaged in an unique octagonal box, each finished puzzle forms a perfect circle which can be made into a striking wall art, or simply play it again.

About the creator:

Marc Martin is an award-winning artist, illustrator and author from Melbourne, Australia. Working watercolour, qouache, pencil and computer, his work is a world of dense colour, rich textures and the odd scribble. He is the author and illustrator of numerous picture books, including A Forest, A River and Everthing and Everywhere.

Completed size: 67.5 cm diameter, 1000 pieces

Manufactured in Germany. Printed on specality linen-embossed paper via handmade dies that feature 'soft click' technology.

Challenge level: Moderate



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