About Ingenious Designs and Gifts

Ingenious Designs and Gifts began with a European couple who always loved surrounding themselves with minimalist, cleverly designed and unique home décor and furniture that are made of first-class materials, are not only long lasting but their design doesn’t age while its pricing is still within reach for true Interior Design enthusiasts.

Their passion continued with a fresh start after relocating to Australia in 2007.

They were delighted to see the Australian market and its maturity. To contribute and add value to this beautiful industry they opened Ingenious Designs and Gifts online shop late 2017.

Their aim is to specialise in curated pieces and best designs that are unique, are not about quantity but quality and ingenuity, original, scarcely available in Australia and will cherish adults and kids and your home for many years. 

While Ingenious Designs and Gifts shop is a new start-up it continues to grow their brand and product portfolio with only the best designed products from around the world.

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