Horgans - Textured Horn bowl oval


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Bring some tribal feeling into your home with this large textured horn bowl. 

These horn bowls are completely natural and biodegradable, as they are made of deceased animal bones. Just in nature every piece is unique. 

We understand that animal based products are not for everyone, as such products are sourced as by-products of the food production industry. Our products are meet or exceed strict Australian Government safety, testing, certification and import standards.

Due to its delicate nature horn bowls can get scratched easily. It should be never submerged into water, store in dry place away from humidity. It should be occasionally treated with a little almond, coconut or olive oil rub. Best to clean with a damp cloth, and then immediately wiped with a dry cloth.

Size: 25 x 17 cm.

Some imperfection can occur, due to use of natural product and hand-craftsmanship, these are not considered fault, rather uniqueness. 

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