Scandinavian way of living life – How to enjoy HYGGE (cosiness) in your home, even if it is not cold outside, yet…..

Do you like scrolling through those Instagram or Pinterest feeds with someone curled up on the sofa sipping tea in a very cosy looking home? Do you like interiors with textured pillows, throws, candlelight? Do you like sitting next to bonfire with your friends? Do you appreciate interiors with simple, muted tone colours and natural accessories? Modest, uncluttered places that is minimalistic, but still warm? You must like hygge, the Danish way of living life.

Denmark is part of what we call Scandinavia, the three northern European countries including Norway, Sweden and Denmark. However, it has been commonly expanded to Finland, Iceland and Greenland. We all know they don’t get long summers up there, and they lack of daylight for most of the year. Despite living in one of the harshest environment Denmark, followed by the other Scandinavian countries have established themselves the happiest people on Earth. How is that possible?

You must have heard of Hygge, right? Pronounced hoo-gah. This hygge concept has been causing some sort of craziness around the world. Now there has been countless of books and articles written about how to live up to the hygge.

It is often translated as cosiness, but it is hard to express with just one word. It is a Danish term that defines as “a quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being”. It is not just the things that we surround ourselves, it is a mindset too. This could be cosied up next to the fireplace, sharing meals with friends, reading newspapers quietly, anything that gives you deep, soul-warming pleasure.

So probably without knowing you have already experienced some sort of Hygge feeling in your life, when reading on the balcony meanwhile sipping your coffee or staying bed late on Sundays.

Is the hygge way of life the secret to our happiness?

Hygge has long been considered a part of the Danish national character. As mentioned before Danish people are the happiest people on the World, despite enduring miserable winters, due to hygge being an important part of their daily life. Not to mention that the Danish state provides all basic things to its residents to be happy (free university, free healthcare, generous unemployment benefits, less working hours, 52 weeks of parental leave). They must be a damn happy nation.

There is no wonder the other parts of the World are catching upon with this Hygge. We all want to know how they do it and how we can enjoy the same cosiness.

Hygge is all about creating warmth (think about fireplace, sauna), lights and colours (candle, twinkle lights), access to nature (even if it is cold outside to defeat lethargy and depression), gathering places for communal gathering and social connections.

Hygge is all about keeping things simple, but also to sometimes have an extra slice of cake.

In this hectic, stressful world we all longing for something hygge in our life, we need to sit back, relax and enjoy small things, which helps us to calm down, reconnects with the nature, helps to reunite with friends and family.

How to bring hygge in your home?

 Add textures

Textures are a huge trend this season. There is nothing more hygge than cushions, throws made of soft cuddly faux fur, merino, wool paired with textured accessories and soft candlelight and of course a cup of hot chocolate.

(Image: Canvas and Sasson)

(Image: Madam Stoltz)

Enjoy simple things

You don’t need big investment to hyggeligt your interior, simple add-ons can lift the mood. A nice candle, favourite photo on the wall, soft cushion, homemade sweets, comfort food…

(Image: Hubsch Interiors)

Get cosy loungewear

Get comfy after a long day in the office or over the weekend by dressing in loose comfortable loungewear. It is up to you what you choose to wear, soft knits, loose pullover, cashmere, baggy trousers. Whatever that makes you feel cosy and relaxed.

Share hygge with friends

Hygge is best enjoyed in groups. It is to uplift your mood and others. Long Scandinavian winters are made for gathering with friends and family eating wholesome food. Here the best way to follow this idea is invite friends, enjoy outdoors together with your dearest.

 Go for simple designs

It is not about doing it better than others, have things what other don’t have and perfecting everything, it is more about being more natural, warm, inviting and laidback. Keep things simple, but say yes to extra slice of cake. Emphasize is on quality not on quantity.

Buy candles

Candles, candles, can’t have enough of them. Scented or not, they all part of the Scandinavian interiors. Nothing more captivating and warming than a soft, flickering candlelight. Go for wood, wild berries, mint, tea scents for cosiness.

Slow down

We are always on time schedule, checking our dairy, our phone, are we on time, what is next…slow down, take your time, take your time to enjoy things, taste that coffee, stay in the warm bath longer, savour simple things.

Hygge is not just for winter

Practice hygge all year around. hygge is frequently associated with cosiness, however don’t restrict being cosy for inside. Go outside to enjoy a picnic with friends, play games in the parks or just enjoy a walk outside.

(Image: Kimson Doan on Unsplash)

Main image: Alisa Anton on Unsplash


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