Puik is picky

Puik (pronounced pa-owk) is loosely translated as "very good" or "excellent". The world is old fashioned and isn't used often any more. It sounds funny and unusual. Co-founders Freek Claessen and Daan Gescher said this is exactly what they want to express.

Puik label collaborates with contemporary, emerging young Dutch designers. They are "selective". They pick the best designs by designers who are just as demanding as they are. Their designs are original, functional and minimalist with a surprising twist in the form or in the material.

Each of their items produced sustainable and made of first-class material.

Our favourites are the Clork clock which combines cork and metal in a minimalist design. It is an eye pleasuring functional clock suitable for window seals, selves, desk or nightstands, as it stands on its on perfectly balanced.

The Monday mug pairs which come in two intriguing colours of blues, ash and cobalt made of ceramic and stackable. They are kinda turned outside cups, as their inside has the glossy finish and the outside has a soft matte finish. They are blue enough to suppress those Monday blue feelings.

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