Interior Trends 2021

As we still live in a strange new world (getting used to it), where we are told not to go outside, don't socialize and avoid each other - of course there are some lucky countries where life is as used to be -  our focus is more sharply on our homes and surroundings than ever. Home design is changing every year, there are some trends that continuous on, some are fading away. We collected some of the favorite trends of this year.

Life has changed a lot since last year. Sustainable materials and uniqueness has gained importance when looking to invest into new products. As we are forced to spend more time indoor it significant to make our home really a home, where we feel safe and comfortable. Connecting in- and outdoor is in the focus, so we don't feel trapped inside.

Colour green:

Green bathroom

(Picture: via Pinterest)

I am emphasizing green colour  because you will see this colour popping up in kitchen, bathroom and bedroom trends. It has been trendy last year and this continous on this year, however the preferred green tone more likely to be sage or olive green, change from the dark moss green. And why not, green is pleasing to the eye, a connecting link to the nature and very, very calming (seriously). 

Divided living space:

Divided space

(Picture: LAGO Design)

Sad for me, I am big fan of open living spaces. However the newest trend is to create separate spaces between living areas to accommodate different needs. As we stay home more and more family members are using the same room at the same time, they need some "space". It does not mean that big walls are now installed in the middle of the living room. It is more likely to be a screening wall, curtains or bookshelf placed to allow for flexible use of the living room and create zones. You might use your living space as home office, right?

Japandi style:

Japandi style via Pinterest

(Picture: via Pinterest)

It is a mixture of the Japanese minimalist style with the Scandinavian coolness. Sounds hot. So what does it look like? It is minimalistic and harmonious style, paired with simplicity and uncluttered places, it is timeless and aesthetic. It uses neutral, earthy, toned down hues and lots of mood boosting greenery. Run to the nearest nursery!

 Organic shapes, statement elements:

Muse vase by fundamental berlin

(Picture: Fundamental Berlin)

My personal favourite. Unique, shapely figures, organic forms, curved furniture, textured walls, ribbed surfaces are in the center of attention. As spaces become more minimalistic and clutter free these pieces are more like an art that transforms that space into an art gallery, creates visual interest and warm. 

 textured fabrics ottoman

(Picture: Laura Gonzalez Babylone ottoman)

Eco friendly designs:

Inartisan serving plates

(Picture: Inartisan)

There is a very noticeable move to more eco-friendly habits - the way we live our live and what we consume. People are more concerned about what things are made of, where they came from and the waste created. Most of us considering using fewer things, upcycling and repurposing things to be more sustainable and create less waste. People want low-energy, minimal waste materials, they want craftmanship and lasting products. As more people losing their jobs due to automation, supporting local artist and manufacturers become a necessity. 

Natural materials:

Rattan furniture

(Picture: via Pinterest)

As we stay inside more, reconnecting with nature is more important than ever. Bringing the nature inside now goes beyond growing houseplants. Sustainability becomes a new norm. Natural material such as timber, wool, rattan, bamboo, stone and linen... are gaining momentums in décor, household items, furniture, building materials. These material last a lifetime, age beautifully and creates warm and harmonious interiors and they can be repurposed when time comes. Rattan pieces are really going strong in these days. Not even in outdoor furniture, but as indoor pieces.

These natural materials are even more reflected in our colour choices to deepen our connection to the nature, so it feels like we are outdoors. Beige, brown, terracotta, taupe, sand, green tones are the favorites. 

Dried flowers:

Dried flowers are still in full swing. They are easy to care for and look beautiful for many years. 

Dried Gyp mini cloud blush

(Picture: Desflora, preserved gyp mini cloud)

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