Give a whole new look to your house without spending a fortune

There are easy and clever ways to update the look of your home with minimal spending. Here are some tipps on how you can achieve that:

Rearrange your furniture. Move your sofa, chair and coffee table to a different position, angle, rotate them to create a whole new look. Put them to an alternate wall or move them away from the wall to create a more airy room. 

Add some greenery. Add some leafy branches to an over-sized vase and place it on your dining table or kitchen bench. Trim some of your existing plants to create new ones and plant them into some stylish pots. They can be placed on your nightstand and voila the room is brightened up. Tipp: use odd number of stems for your flower arrangements, 3 for small ones, 5,7 to larger ones.

Fox Fodder Farm Kitchen bench styling

(Photo: Fox Fodder Farm)

Rearrange your bookshelf. Bookshelves are easy way to create a whole new look using existing pieces around your house. Move your items to different spots and add on items from other areas of your home. Always start with the larger pieces and create the look around those by layering in smaller pieces. Stack 2, 3 books and place a decorative piece on top of them to create focal points.

Living etc uk shelf decor

(Photo: Living etc UK)

Add a textural or colourful blanket to the back of your sofa or lay it on your bed. If the room is already colourful tone it down with natural colours to avoid busyness. 

Create a gallery wall of your favourite photos and artworks. If you rent use those clever sticky tapes to hold them on the wall without drilling. 

Mix and Match Design Gallery Wall

(Photo: Mix and Match Design)

Hope you find our little guide useful.

(Main photo: Tufty Time)

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