Decorating with artificial, preserved and dried flowers. Are they trendy or tacky?

Artificial flower decoration is getting more attention then ever. It used to be considered tacky, awful, retro, anything ugly you can think of.

Madam Stoltz glass vases with dry flowers

(Picture: Madam Stoltz glass vases)

However, it seems silk flower arrangements and dried flower bouquets are just getting more sophisticated, more realistic and likeable. Decorators increasingly use faux flowers in their decorating projects. Retailers are selling prearranged mixed bouquets, even waterproof ones, so you can add water in the glass vase to make them look more realistic. Seasonal arrangements are also on the palette. The reason behind the increasing interest is simple.

Faux flower arrangement

(Picture: Martha Stewart book)

The new breed of fake bouquets look and even feel real. They light up any room instantly and add something unexpected to modern spaces. As they are not breaking the bank as buying fresh flowers every week, they are the perfect alternatives to style your home with them and you don't have to be a green thumb to keep them alive. They almost last a lifetime, require very little maintenance and even can be left behind without the worry when going on holiday. They will always look fresh.

I personally can’t get used to the faux flowers. My biggest problem is with them that being very conscious about the environment faux flowers require material to be made up.

The other great alternative, that is closer to my heart is dried or preserved flowers. They are environmentally friendly and biodegradable, and have a rustic feel. With a good care they last for many years. The downside that they are brittle and extremely delicate. Not too much rearranging and fluffing.

(Picture: Catherine Kwong design)


(Picture: Nikau Store blog Nikau Flowerbar, Byron Bay)

A few things to jolt down. When deciding on faux flower arrangement invest into good quality one, make sure they look exactly the same as the real ones. Keep the colours simple, not more than 2 or 3 colours. You can mix fake flowers to real flowers. Add a lots textures: mix blooms with textural foliage, evergreen leaves, branches. Buy odd numbers of stems or branches. Odd numbers look better, always. Use flowers that are in season, that is pretty obvious right?

The best you can do with dried flower arrangement to keep their rustic look is to put them in an earthenware, clay, woven or handmade container and keep the colours mono-type.

Don’t forget to regularly dust your dried or silk flowers by giving them a dust with a hairdryer on low set and keep them out of direct sunlight.

I hope you will find this article useful and feel like buying a big bunch of fake flowers. 

Enjoy styling your home your way!

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