Chispum - The most creative and amazing wallstickers

Chispum has been creating decorative wallstickers since 2003. This pioneering company was established in Barcelona, Spain to shown that ideas can be explained and stories can be told beyond paper. They were the first to argue that drawing on walls shouldn't be forbidden, actually it is necessary. They are breaking down frontiers, crossing lines with their fun, fresh, quirky doodling by taking stories from books to walls to make them speak and tell funny and unexpected things.

The main designer, also founder behind the brand is Javirroyo, well known graphic designer/illustrator. His designs and illustrations are distributed around Europe, USA, Canada, Japan, Corea and Latin America. Founder, editor and author of El Estafador (, the most well known online weekly publication of Spanish graphic humour, with collaborators in all Latin America.
Illustrator for publishing houses such as Edelvives and Santillana and for publications like Interviú, El País, El Semanal, Visual and Go! Barcelona.
He is author of many comic books of The Killer Onion, his most well known character.Winner of the Illustration Award Junceda: Best Comic Illustration 2016.

I am truly in love with their wall decals. They not only look fun, minimalist, very different what we usually see, they are also amazing quality. The vinyl is designed to last for 10 years, so we have enough time to enjoy them for long.

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