Changes you can make for better living


Making wise changes in your lifestyle can make our life more enjoyable and show care about the environment and can help to shape our future for a more balanced living with our surroundings.

Changes during our lifetime are inevitable. As we learn more about our environment and the impact, that we cause, makes us more concerned about our future. We get to know our body better and what we can do to prolong our life and live healthier. However, we also need a healthy Earth to live on longer. There are simple changes what we can make easily to do our bit.

Here are some of our tips that you can make to make a change:

  • Don’t be shy to show gratitude. Being thankful for small things at the end of the day. Show gratitude to friends, family, colleagues, clients. Thanking people helps to strengthen relationships. We all need social relationship; we cannot avoid each other.
  • Be kind to yourself. Stop comparing yourself to others, don’t want to be someone else. Embrace who you are. Loathing yourself will make your life miserable. Accept your imperfection, push negative thoughts aside. You can do it. Your body believes what you think. Inner peace radiates outside and actually can make you look beautiful. Positive attitude also helps to build a strong immune system and boasts overall health. Surround yourself with those who support and lift you.
  • Sleep well. Get up early. Giving yourself extra time in the morning helps you to get into the “mood”.
  • Exercise, exercise. Cannot emphasise the importance of an active lifestyle enough. Of course, it does not mean you have to hit the gym immediately, even doing daily 20 minutes’ walk can do lot for your health.
  • Declutter your home. Clean up after yourself immediately. Don’t leave mess behind yourself, otherwise minor chores build up quickly. So, wash that cereal bowl after breakfast, make your bed in the morning. Removing clutter gives you a sense of control and piece of mind that you don’t have to worry about that. Tidy environment lets you focus on more important task.
  • Make small plans. Start with small and work your way up, it is easier to commit and follow through successfully.
  • Choose wisely when buying. Try to buy small and local produce. If you can, buy spray free food. Avoid processed food, they require more energy to produce, packaging and create a lot of wastage.
  • Buy household stuff for long term. Invest into quality pieces rather than buying something cheap just because they look good. Think twice about what you buy. Do you really need them or it is just another piece to satisfy your urgent need? Enquire what sustainability practises the company follows, such as managing waste minimisation, recycling unused products, using compostable materials, offer re-upholstery services, plastic free production and so on. Support those businesses rather those who just about quantity.
  • Same to your clothes. Instead of buying fast fashion, buy classic timeless pieces that can be worn over and over again throughout the seasons. Look for natural fabrics, such as wool, merino, silk, organic cotton, linen, tencel, bamboo. These fabrics are more environmentally friendly and degradable. Also buy from companies how invest into sustainable practices and offer recycling options. Did you know fashion industry is one of the most wasteful industries in the world? They make more clothes that we need. Globally we throw away 13 million tons of textile every year, 95% of this could be recycled. How bad is that!
  • Clean your home with chemical free cleaners. There are simple household ingredients which can also be used as cleaning products. Think about vinegar, alcohol, baking soda or simple water. Wash your clothes eco-friendly ways. Today our washing habit causing harm to our waterways and habitats, it also consumes excessive energy. Detergents, even bio detergents can strip away the external mucus layer of fish, which protects them from parasites and bacteria. Try soap nuts or spot cleaning. Wait for the full load, dry your clothes on clothes line.
  • Eat your veggies. Eating five serves of vegetables per a day reduces the risk of developing cancer and many of the veggies have powerful nutrients and antioxidants. Consider changing to plant-based diet, which not only gentle on the planet but also boost your health and increases your energy level. If you still stick to your meat-based diet, you may want to eat less meat. Do your research, make sure those animals did die humanely, not killed in agonising pain. Eating small meals 5 times throughout the day help you manage better your weight, keep your cool (remember that focusing when you hungry is hard) and avoid cravings.

What our company does to be more sustainable?
We recycle all of our packaging from supplier. Don’t be surprise if you get your delivery in a recycled box. We use degradable, recyclable wrappers. 
We use carbon zero delivery company, Sendle for our deliveries whenever we can.
We turn to small companies to sell their products, we look for quality, unique and handmade products, no mass products. Extending our range to greener and healthier products.
We also do our personal bits.

Of course we are open for suggestions, so please don’t hesitate to drop as an email. We welcome your feedback, suggestions and any queries. Just drop as an email and we reply to you asap.

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