Can you have too many cushions?

I reckon you can never have too many cushions. Imagine what a difference a few cushions can make! 

Do you want to change the look of your room from modern to bohemian or to luxe? Before spending a fortune on repainting, recarpeting or buying new furniture think about having a few new cushions to instantly change the mood of a room. Adding cushions to any room is an excellent way to add colour, texture and fantasie to your home.

You can always shuffle your cushions around, depending on your liking. Change the decor as a new season comes around. For winter you can have furry cushions, cushions with winter decor on them, for summer you can opt for brighter coloured bohemian cushions, for autumn go for moody reds, velvets and greys. Be brave and creative. It is your home, you need to feel cosy there!

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